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Skills trainings

The project EIPIN Innovation Society organises five types of skills trainings throughout the three year programme:

Skills 1: Getting Started
5-6 October 2017, Maastricht
Skills 1 training included the modules “How to manage your PhD”, “English Academic Writing” and “EndNote: How to organize your references” and was organised by Maastricht University.
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Skills 2: IP Moot Court Training
30 October – 3 November 2017, Macau, China
Skills 2 training was an IP-intensive training course at the IEEM (Institute of European Studies of Macau) and was organised by Maastricht University.
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Skills 3: Presenting and Publishing
22-23 January 2019, Alicante
Skills 3 training (part A) on “Scientific Communication Skills”. Organised by University of Alicante.
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13-15 February 2019, Strasbourg
Skills 3 training (part B) on “Academic Publishing” and “Drafting policy-briefs”. Organised by University of Strasbourg.
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Skills 4: Preparing for the Labour Market
25 June 2019 – 22-24 January 2020
Skills 4 training on “Personal Development”: 25 June 2019, Strasbourg
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Skills 4 training on “Career Perspectives” and “Research Grants”: 22-24 January 2020, Maastricht
Skills 4 training on “Leadership” and “Managing essentials”: online soft skills courses, EUIPO
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Skills 5: Career Day – How to communicate your research results to industry
August 2020
Skills 5 includes a one-day workshop in which ESRs present at the very end of their research period their research results to the partner organisations and other interested parties. Organised by Maastricht University.

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