Skills 5: Career Day – How to communicate your research results to industry

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Skills 5 includes a one-day workshop in which ESRs present at the very end of their research period their research results to the partner organisations and other interested parties. Organised in Alicante by Maastricht University. Preceding the skills training, on 8 June 2020, there will be a video shoot recording the ESRs who present their research. [...]

Francesca Mazzi and Naina Khanna presented at EFPIA, Brussels

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Francesca Mazzi and Naina Khanna were invited to give a presentation in front of an audience of IP experts from member companies of EFPIA in Brussels on 12 December 2019. The goal was to share their research object and preliminary field results from their secondment stay at EFPIA. Naina Khanna started by introducing the European IP [...]

Vicente Zafrilla at “The PhD: a career option” conference

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On 20 November 2019, Vicente Zafrilla Díaz-Marta participated in the conference “The PhD: a career option” at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid). At this occasion, the ESR had the opportunity to explain some of his insights regarding his experience as an international PhD, to share some practical advice on how to look for and obtain a [...]

Lucius Klobučník, EIPIN-IS ESR 15, teaching

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Lucius Klobučník, EIPIN-IS ESR 15, taught classes within the course “Law and the Internet” at the Faculty of Law, University of Eastern Finland. Lectures were also streamed live to students at the University of Turku and covered topics such as digital music licensing, collective management of copyright in digital era, intermediary liability and the Digital Single [...]

Maurizio Crupi at JJRPI – Paris

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On 8th October 2019, ESR 4 – Maurizio Crupi presented at the III Journée de la Jeune Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle (JJRPI) organised by the Institut de Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle (IRPI) at Université Paris II. Maurizio delivered a presentation titled “PDOs and PGIs: a more pragmatic approach to the link to origin“, showing whether the [...]

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