Francesca Mazzi and Naina Khanna presented at Hovione, Lumiar


Francesca Mazzi and Naina Khanna were invited to give a presentation in front of an audience of scientists and experts from different fields of Hovione Lumiar, on October 30th, 2018 at the end of their period of secondment at the company.

Naina Khanna started by introducing the European IP Institutes Network Innovation Society (EIPIN-Innovation Society), Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska Curie Action ITN-EJD project to the audience. She then explained her PhD research topic “Balancing the Quality of Patents with Effective Enforcement of Invalidity Claims in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe” and its relevance for the industry. She presented her research problem, research objective and preliminary methodology. Within the scope of her study, she interacted with many experts from Hovione over the month and also presented her preliminary findings through these interactions.

Francesca Mazzi took the audience along on her research expedition into the implications of Industry 4.0 for patent law. She guided the attendants along her path with central questions as to whether the patent law is equipped to welcome 4th industrial revolution generated inventions, which aspects of the patent systems might be challenged and why. Moreover, she presented the three main aspects investigated with interviews during the secondment, namely state of the art in terms of inventors contribution, data management and the different roles of patents as strategic assets for the company, incentive for inventors, and at a macro-level for the pharma industry.

The audience was intrigued by the presentations and engaged in fruitful discussion with both.


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