EIPIN IS Macao Training October 2017


From 30 October – 3 November, the EIPIN IS researchers participated in an IP-intensive training course at the IEEM (Institute of European Studies of Macau) in Macau, China. The 5-day course reviewed fundamental aspects of IP law in the EU and provided a basic overview of related IP treaties and conventions. The seminar sessions provided thematic guidance on the content and interpretation of these legal instruments, while highlighting some of the most pressing issues currently dealt with by scholars in each respective field. As a further aspect of their study, the researchers engaged in some friendly competition by participating in several moot court simulations regarding various aspects of patent, trademark, copyright and trade design, actively applying their skills towards resolving complex legal issues such as navigating the interplay of national law and international treaty obligations. As a prominent training program in the Asia-Pacific region, the participants included IP professionals based in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as well as locally-based IEEM students, giving the researchers a culturally and professionally diverse group of colleagues to share ideas with.

On 6 -7 November, the IEEM also hosted its 17th Intellectual Property Seminar titled, “IP Rights: Obstacles or Opportunities to Legitimate Trade.” Attendees of the conference included IP scholars such as Matthew Kennedy, Marketa Trimble, Martin Senftleben and Matthias Leistner, each of whom delivered specialized talks on the controversial interplay of IP rights and trade regulation. The conference gave the EIPIN researchers one of their first opportunities to present their topics to the public, and gave the audience of IP students and professionals a taste of some new scholarship to look forward to in the coming years.

On 8 November, the researchers attended a Professional IP Update in Hong Kong, where they were able to hear from academics and practitioners on current issues of IP in Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan, and the Hong Kong), the US and the EU. The areas of patent, trade, and investment law were of special importance as the speakers engaged in conversation regarding the international effects of recent litigation occurring in pharmaceutical sector.

The Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM), the gracious hosting institution for these trainings and conferences, was established in 1995 to both connect the Asia-Pacific Region to the EU and foster cooperation between the two regions. The Institute continues to unite global representatives in dialogues of current and future understandings of IP rights.


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