Twice a year, the EIPIN-Innovation Society network organises international conferences. These conferences address the role of IP as a complex adaptive system in the different stages of the innovation life cycle. 

25-27 January 2018
1st EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress 'Innovation and Triple Helix', Maastricht
˃˃ The programme of the congress can be consulted here
˃˃ A report can be read here

25-26 April 2018
2nd EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress 'Enforcing Intellectual Property in Trade and Investment Agreements: what safeguards for its social function?', Strasbourg
˃˃ The programme of the congress can be consulted here
˃˃ A report can be read here
>> Videorecording and PPP can be found here

23-24-25 January 2019
3rd EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress, Alicante

4-6 April 2019
4th EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress, London

January 2020
5th EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress, Maastricht

April 2020
6th EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress, Munich

January 2021
Final EIPIN-Innovation Society Congress, Strasbourg