Methodology seminars

Specific methodology seminars will be organised throughout the course of the first and second year. They will enable ESRs to apply and combine a variety of research methods, allowing them to conduct research in different fields of science.

Methods I: Legal Research and Writing
23-24 January 2018, Maastricht
The Legal Research and Writing Methods Training was organised by Maastricht University.
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Methods II: Core Social Science Research Methods 
4-6 June 2018, London
The Social Sciences and Comparative Law Methods Training was organised by Queen Mary University of London. 
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>> More information on the presentation Comparative Law & Methodology
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Methods III: Intellectual Property and Economic Theory
3-4 September 2018, Munich
The Intellectual Property and Economic Theory Methods Training is organised by Universität Augsburg.

Methods IV: Literature Seminar
3-4 September 2018, Munich
The Literature Seminar is organised by Universität Augsburg.